We have a variety of invoice options for you to choose from including web invoicing, paper invoicing, and more. See all the options when you visit our invoicing page.

We will send you a bill each week.

  • The invoice includes shipments picked up each week.

Your invoice itemizes each of your shipments with the following details:

    • Pickup Date
    • Tracking Number
    • Delivery Address
    • Proof of Delivery
    • Reference Field (if provided)
    • Additional charges
    • GLS service type
    • Fuel Surcharge
    • Total charges (including fuel surcharge)

Invoicing Options

For your convenience, you may choose the type of invoice you would like to receive:

Web invoicing

An email notification will be sent to you so that you can access your PDF invoice when you log in to your account via the Customer Portal.


With this format, a spreadsheet or text invoice file will be sent via email to the user.

Consolidated E-billing

For multiple accounts, this option provides a spreadsheet with a summary of all requested accounts sent via email to the user.

Secure File Transfer (FTP)

Customers may choose to have invoices sent to them through email or via Secure File Transfer.


With this option, an original paper invoice will be mailed to the authorized billing contact on your account.

Billing Terms

  • GLS terms are net 30 from the date of invoice.

  • Invoices which are outstanding more than 30 days may cause a disruption of service and may be subject to late fees.

  • GLS is not obligated to refund any invoice adjustment or pay any other obligation owed when your account has an outstanding balance.

  • GLS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to apply any overcharge amounts or other overpayments it agrees are owed to you against the oldest invoices.

Payment Options

For your convenience, we offer a variety of payment options:

  • Express Pay

    Pay your bill online. All you need is your invoice and a credit card.
    Make a Payment Today.

  • ACH/EFT Payment

    Conveniently pay invoices directly from your bank account so there’s no need for a credit card, a paper check, or postage. To take advantage of this option, contact our billing team at 800-322-5555, option 6, or send an email to

  • Automatic Recurring Credit Card Payment

    Save time and avoid late payments with our recurring auto-pay option. This option is available to customers whose recurring invoices do not exceed $10,000. When you authorize GLS to maintain a credit card on file, your invoice amounts will be charged to this card each week. Major credit cards accepted include American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Customers are expected to keep GLS informed of changes to their credit cards, including new cards and updated expiration dates. 

  • On the Customer Portal, Account Administrators and Accounts Payable, users have the ability to:

    • Conveniently pay and view invoices, payment history and account balances online.
    • Set specific permission roles related to billing.
    • Easily manage billing profile settings and make edits as needed.

  • Payments by check — You may send a check by mail to:
    General Logistics Systems US, Inc. (GLS US)
    P.O. Box 31990
    Stockton, CA 95213