The green initiative

The Green initiative

Protecting our environment is a guiding principle at GLS-US. As a logistics company offering parcel and freight services, we recognize we have a significant role to play in ensuring the sustainability of our planet’s most precious resources. 

The conservation of resources and the reduction of emissions are of central importance at GLS. Together with its employees, customers and suppliers, GLS wants to become one of the leading providers of sustainable parcel services. 

GLS Environmental Standard
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A global committment

Following the leadership of our parent company, General Logistics Systems, we are committed to protecting our environment through three specific means:

  • The responsible handling of resources
  • The reduction of emissions
  • The optimization of waste disposal

Our efforts

From transport planning to our individual workspaces, we work hard to think and act in an environmentally friendly manner. Some of these efforts have included:

Smartway transport partnership

SmartWay is an EPA program that helps the freight transportation sector improve supply chain efficiency.  

Electric and/or EPA certified forklifts

GLS continues to invest in a fleet of electric or environmentally certified forklifts.

Paperless billing options to our customers

We are committed to reducing paper waste by using e-billing.

Replacing one-time-use shrink wrap with reusable bins

GLS uses environmentally friendly shipping containers to reduce our plastic waste.

Implementing an extensive corporate recycling programs

All GLS facilities participate in a waste recycling program.

Co-locating our primary IT infrastructure

A co-location solution allows GLS to minimize our environmental impact that is not possible in-house. 

sustainability report

Sustainability report

We know that even small efforts make a big difference in the quest for a healthy planet. So, as we strive for continued environmental stewardship and sustainability, we urge our employees, customers, and business partners to join our efforts.

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