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We Handle Your Shipments with Care, So You Can Focus On Your Business
From the time your packages are picked up to when they’re delivered, our main goal is to ensure the safety and security of your shipment. Our Pharmaceutical Delivery program ensures greater control of your deliveries and reduces your costs with our high delivery success rates of 99% and on-time rates of 97%.

Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Pickup Procedures Ensure the Security of Your Shipments

  • All pharmaceutical packages are segregated and receive specialized scanning procedures
  • Pharmaceutical shipments with high declared value are placed in a separate area and handled with chain of custody procedures

Convenient and Flexible Later Pickup Times
People have different schedules, and placing an order for medication must sometimes wait until the end of the business day.

  • We give you the convenience of picking up your shipments later, so you can give your customers the convenience of placing orders later.

Next-Day Delivery Minimizes Handling and Transit Times which Is Essential for Pharmaceuticals
We understand that it’s critical to keep medications at the optimal temperature so that when your customers receive them, you can have peace of mind knowing that they’ve arrived safely and securely. Our Priority Overnight service guarantees delivery by 8am or 10:30am to most areas with a commitment to capturing recipient signatures.

  • Next-day delivery means that handling and storage times are kept to a minimum
  • Priority delivery service guarantees delivery by 8am or 10:30am to most areas
  • Same-day reattempts may be available

Customized Point of Delivery Process Keeps Medications Safe and Your Patients Informed
With a focus on following specific point of delivery procedures, our drivers are able to quickly contact customer service, who can quickly notify the shipper of any unsuccessful delivery attempts.

  • With real-time communication, the shipper has more control of point of delivery
  • If unable to obtain signature, we will contact the shipper for specific delivery instructions so drivers know whether to reattempt, return, or leave package without signature
  • Shipments that require multiple delivery attempts will be refrigerated until the next delivery attempt upon request

Integration with Existing Shipping Systems Streamlines Your Shipping Processes
Full technology integration capability ensures a seamless shipping process.

  • Simplify shipping with web-based application or software
  • Enterprise integration capability
  • Easy Labeling procedures, signature capture, POD recovery and storage
  • Exceptional reporting capabilities to ensure regulatory compliance

Signature Retention for Compliance Auditing Purposes
We understand the expectations that various regulatory agencies have of the pharmaceutical industry and that documentation is often required.

  • Our company retains signatures for seven years
  • Archived signatures are available to support audit processes and are provided at no additional fee

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Why Ship with Us for Your Pharmaceutical Deliveries?

  • Strict Pharmaceutical Pickup Protocols
  • Flexible, late pickup times
  • Next-Day Delivery
  • Customized Point of Delivery Procedures
  • Signature Retention for Compliance Purposes