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Flexible Pickup options

Our package pickup options include Scheduled Service, On-Call Service, and Drop Boxes.

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Scheduled service

If you ship packages most days, daily scheduled pickup service is available. We will assign your pickup location to a regularly scheduled route, and a driver will come by every day during the one-hour window you choose for your daily pickup. 

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On-call service

If you don't require daily pickup service or your pickup times are unpredictable, you can opt for On-Call Pickup Service and request package pickup from your office on an as-needed basis. On-Call Pickup Service requires a minimum two-hour window for pickup in most areas. For a per pickup fee, On-Call customers may schedule pickups online or by contacting the Customer Service Center. 

(Please check the Accessorial Charges page for the per-pickup service fee.)

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Other pickup options

We offer the option of Remote Pickups, Third-Party Pickups, and Second Pickups.

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