Calculate Rates and Times

Use this calculator to find delivery time standards and estimated rates. 

This is an estimate only. Billable weight includes dimensional weight calculations based on the dimensions provided per parcel or pallet. 

Additional fees, such as those for on-call pickup service and other accessorial fees may apply. 

2023 Accessorial Charges

Fuel Surcharges

We use index-based fuel surcharge calculations that are adjusted weekly for Freight, Ground and Priority services. Changes to the fuel surcharges will be effective on the first shipping day of every week.

Fuel surcharges are based on the average “California On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices,” as reported by the US Department of Energy for the previous week prior to the adjustment.

Fuel surcharge is assessed on all applicable transportation fees, including base rate and accessorial fees.

2023 Ground and Priority Rates

Ground Rates Priority Rates