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GLS Freight Guidelines

Packaging and Labeling

So that your shipment is protected during transit and successfully delivered to its destination, proper packaging and labeling is essential.

Packaging and Stacking Pallets

  • Select the appropriate packaging for the product you are shipping and be sure to use the necessary cushioning or wrapping, while safely securing to the pallet. Shipments that are carefully packaged, organized and stacked will help ensure that your items arrive in good condition. Pallets must be shrink-wrapped.
  • To maintain stacking strength, it is best to stack cartons squarely on a skid with no overhang, while box flaps and corrugations face up. The top area should be as flat as possible.

Labeling Your Shipment

  • One shipping label with barcode is required for each pallet
  • We recommend the delivery address be clearly visible on each piece, ideally on the long and short sides of each box, to ensure successful delivery to locations without freight receiving capability.

Other Prohibited Items
A list of prohibited items is available at

Pickup Service

On Call Pickup Service:
GLS provides daily or On-Call pickup service from shipping locations that have dock or forklift loading capability. GLS may be able to accommodate lift-gate service at the pickup location – please call for availability.

When scheduling a pickup, you will be asked to make your freight shipment available for up to a 2-hour window within which our driver will arrive.

For example, to have packages picked up by 5:00 p.m., your shipment should be complete and ready for driver pickup by 3:00 p.m. The pickup window would be scheduled between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Remote Pickups
If a shipment is to be picked up from an address other than what is listed as a pickup location on the account, additional charges will apply.

Delivery Service

Dock or Forklift Receiving Capability

Receiving locations for freight shipments are expected to have dock or forklift receiving capability. GLS will break down shipments to a delivery location that does not have a dock or a forklift for receiving capabilities and execute per-pallet deliveries to a single point.

If your shipment is to a location that does not have dock or forklift receiving capabilities, we recommend having the delivery address visible on each pallet. GLS freight service assumes one delivery point per delivery address. Shipments to locations that have no dock or forklift receiving capabilities and cannot be broken down or require more than one person to make the delivery, will be returned to the shipper at pallet rates.

Lift Gate Service
Lift gate service may be available – call for availability and pricing.

Tradeshow Delivery
GLS does not accept pallets to trade show or conference locations.

Freight Rate Sheet

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