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C.O.D. Service

We will collect funds on your behalf at the time of delivery. Please indicate your request for C.O.D. service by entering a C.O.D. amount in the appropriate field when preparing your shipping documents.

We will accept money orders and cashier's, company or personal checks. We will not accept cash for C.O.D. shipments. Refused shipments will be returned to the shipper. C.O.D. funds will be returned to you within three business days of the delivery. C.O.D. amount will be collected at the shipper's sole risk.GLS will not be liable for non-payment, fraud or forgery on the part of the recipient. Please refer to accessorial charges for current published pricing.

C.O.D. amounts do not imply a declared value. If you wish to place a valuation higher than $100 on your package, you must declare a value for the shipment in the Declared Value field when preparing your shipping documents.