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Case Study

Animal Health International Sees Increase in Next Day Customer Orders Due to Later Pickup Times and Guaranteed Next-Day Delivery to California and Arizona Customers

Animal Health International — A Patterson Company — has been serving the needs of customers for more than 40 years. With 73 locations around the United States, Animal Health International represents over 1,000 manufacturers that supply products focused on companion animal, equine, beef and dairy cattle, poultry, and swine. The company has an expansive product offering, ranging from vaccines and pharmaceuticals to state of the art equipment and software.

We had the opportunity to speak with Animal Health International’s Operations Manager, Richard Sheets, who is responsible for a range of logistical and management activities including inventory management, inbound and outbound shipments, building maintenance and more. With a company of this size, ensuring successful delivery of both parcel and freight shipments to their customers is an essential component of Animal Health’s success.

The Challenge:
Needed Flexible, Later Pickup Options and Next Day Delivery with Lower Rates

One of the unique selling points for Animal Health International is its focus on providing its customers with next day delivery even when orders were placed later in the day, and with its business in high-growth mode, the company needed a delivery service provider that could accommodate its booming business growth for both their small Parcel and Palletized shipments. Some of the pain points Animal Health was facing with its existing National and Regional carriers included:

  • Early pickup times, which hindered Animal Health’s ability to fulfill orders for their customers later in the day
  • Difficulty in getting next day delivery at reasonable rates to its large California customer base, as well as its Arizona customers where the business is seeing high growth
  • Challenging delivery execution to remote areas accompanied by excessive fees and delivery problems related to remote deliveries

The Solution:
A Cost-Effective Next-Day Delivery Service Provider with Flexible Pickup Options

The Operations Director knew that in order to keep up with business growth, he needed to find a delivery service provider that could accommodate increasing customer demand. During the evaluation process, there were some key reasons that GLS was an ideal fit for Animal Health:

  • Flexibility of later pickup times and customized point of delivery options
  • Competitive ground rates for parcel delivery and simple per-pallet rates for freight shipments
  • Software integration with existing shipping systems
  • Robust customer portal with simplified online tracking

The Results:
A Steady Incline in Customer Orders with Next Day Delivery at Significant Cost Savings

It was crucial that Animal Health International work with a carrier that could provide the flexibility necessary to work with the different types of delivery destinations, such as dairy farms, pet shops, and feed stores. GLS has been able to provide the customized point of delivery options necessary for the successful execution of these deliveries with the following additional benefits:

  • A 25% increase in next-day customer orders largely due to later pickup options
  • Next day delivery of products to their growing Arizona customer base, at competitive Ground rates
  • The ability to offset costly dimensional weight factors for larger items, with GLS Freight
  • A higher percentage of successful deliveries due to robust point of delivery options including quick and easy real-time communication with GLS’s customer service team


“One of our biggest issues prior to using GLS was our ability to get work done because many of the carriers we work with have early cutoff times, but at the same time our business was growing; with GLS’s later cutoff times, we’re able to do more work in the same amount of time while executing on next day delivery for our customers.” -Richard Sheets, Operations Manager, Animal Health International